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Episode 126 Elemental Paladin

This week, we go off the beaten path and play a Paladin deck that does not involve murlocs, but takes advantage of Elemental synergy.


Innkeeper link --> http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/854795-elemental-control-paladin

Episode 123 Dragon Combo Priest with Languagehacker!

This week, we are happy to have a guest coach Languagehacker. He is a top 16 DreamHack Austin 2017 finisher and he will show us a neat combo dragon priest.

Video episode --> https://youtu.be/mjOeeiNl1-0


Note: For a budget version and the one we run on the show, substitute Lyra for a second Potion of Madness.

Dragon Priest Combo.jpg

Episode 116 Un'goro Budget Hunter with blisterguy

This week we are happy to have a guest coach, from the hall of legends, fellow podcaster blisterguy. We play a budget-friendly, but extremely competitive hunter deck:


Video  link to the episode --> https://youtu.be/6PZk3k7b0RE

Please check out blisterguy's social media presence and podcast here:

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