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Episode 152 Kobolds Aggro Paladin

This week we go back to Dan's roots and play his favorite class and archetype. Dan plucked it out of Hearthpwn and added two spellbreakers. He has found some success playing it and we are going to try it this week.


Kobolds Aggro Paladin.PNG

Episode 151 Kobolds Burn Mage v2

This week we repeat last week's deck with one minor change made by Dan. He removed a Arcane Intellect and replaced it with a Spellbreaker to deal with pesky taunts and voidlords and cubes. Dan had a good week playing this so we will try it again.


Burn Mage Kobolds 2.PNG

Episode 149 Face Adjacent Hunter Part 2

This week, we repeat last week's deck. Both Dan and FRID have had a lot of success with it on the ladder, so we enter the Kobolds and Catacombs meta by playing something that is not in the current meta. Will it survive the expansion?

Video link —> https://youtu.be/uMGq6rQZeFA


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Episode 148 Mr Jones, Face Adjacent Hunter

This week we welcome back long time listener and patreon tournament #5 champion Mr Jones! He made it to legend this month with Hunter, so I figured we invite him on to talk about his journey to legend, using a fairly straightforward deck that is not too expensive and may suit your style.


MrJones Hunter.png

Episode 146 Zoobot Paladin

This week we play a deck we found by our SHL team Big Deck Bandits tweeted by Sjow based on a build from Zalae. It is a classic Murloc Paladin with a few twists, including Zoobot to buff your beasts, dragons and murlocs.


Zoobot Paladin.PNG

Episode 142 Drazakus Priest

This week we dive into the world of the highlander priest, or razakus priest, with a dragon twist that was put together by Satellite.



Drazakus part 1.PNG

Episode 137 DK Control Mage with Languagehacker

This week, I have a special guest Languagehacker. I convince him to teach me how to play control mage, which is something I've been wanting to learn for a while.  You will note that Dan is absent from the show and you may or may not know that his apartment got flooded during hurricane Irma. He has set up a gofundme campaign to help him get back on his feet.  Please consider helping him out as he lost a lot of things during this flood. Thank you.

Dan's gofundme campaign --> https://www.gofundme.com/7thgu-rebuilding-after-the-flood

Video Link to the Episode --> https://youtu.be/mKGiHL5Xyew