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Episode 193 Boomsday Token Druid

This week, we return to a deck that has been in the meta for a while, now updated with a few Boomsday cards. Token Druid has the ability to overwhelm the opponent with wide boards that stick around and always threat burst damage with Savage Roar.


Boomsday Token Druid.PNG

Episode 192 with LanguageHacker!

This week we play a version of deathrattle hunter that was Zalae put together and will be piloted by our guest languagehacker. He qualified for the HCT Fall Championships and will be playing for a spot in the World Championships.


video episode link —> https://youtu.be/xX9f3i96Vcs

Deathrattle Hunter.PNG

Episode 191 Aggro Mage

This week we try an aggressive mage featuring a few new cards from Boomsday including Stargazer Luna, Cosmic Anomaly, and Shooting Star. Monsanto took this deck to #1 Legend and APXVoid is an avid player of a similar version of the deck.


Patreon Tournament 10 —> https://battlefy.com/hearthcoach/patreon-tournament-10/5ba197ba2be7ce0505e64af0/info

monsanto mage.PNG

Episode 190 Secret Hunter

It’s time for some SMOrc! Rexxar is back doing what he does best and smashing faces. This deck does have the alternative win condition of Deathstalker Rexxar, which allows it to go far against control decks.


10th Patreon tournament —>  https://battlefy.com/hearthcoach/patreon-tournament-10/5ba197ba2be7ce0505e64af0/info

Secret Hunter.PNG

Episode 184 The Boomsday is Upon Us

The Boomsday is here! Dan and FRID race to find a deck they could play with the cards they opened. We found a deck from professional player Pizza that leverages the Storm Bringer and looks like a lot of random fun. We'll see if we can make this work.


StormBringer Shaman.PNG

Episode 182 Midrange Hunter

This week we try I deck I saw legendary hunter player deathsaterv3 play and achieve rank 1 Legend. I achieved Rank 5 non-legend with it after first returning to rank 3 with it. It is very fun and straightforward to pilot and has several favorable matchups.



Episode 178 Even Shaman

This week we take a look at a meta topper Even Shaman. Normally I (Dan) am not in charge of recording, so unfortunately mine and Zerotios levels are a little out of balance. Sorry I'll do better in the future.


Episode 177 Big Taunt Druid

This week we try a deck that I saw Thijs playing that combines the taunt druid with the old ramp druid. It can be weak against aggressive decks with strong starts but it has some of the most swingy turns in the game.


Big Taunt Druid.PNG

Episode 175 Recruit Hunter

This week, we go back to Hunter, which we haven't tried since the release of Witchwood. This Hunter is a recruit based on a version that I saw This playing. Make sure you listen until the end, we steal a Shudderwock,.. shhhhh don't tell anyone.  


Recurit Hunter.PNG