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Episode 223 Mech Hunter Part 2

It appears this deck has lost its luster but we are going to stick with it for the time being to stay consistent to the May legend run plan. It appears that the deck is now countered, but we try to see if we can make it work. We made one tweak to the deck by changing the Upgradeable Flamebot for a Bronze Gatekeeper.


Game 1 vs. Paladin (holy wrath) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/RFHGMKvP6LdVWh7escihkQ

Game 2 vs. Rogue (tempo) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/9uSU25Ro2rSNUhNV3fU46U

Game 3 vs. Hunter (mech) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/jBeJQCKLx457o39hHyDS6a

Mech Hunter 1.1.PNG

Episode 222 Mech Hunter

I feel like versions of mech hunter have failed in the past but it appears like this aggressive version of mech hunter has finally cracked the code. Someone recently reached rank 1 legend with this explosive (see what I did there?) deck.


Game 1 vs. Mage (giant) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/FjoMDYM3ophCgVHfBY8MPX

Game 2 vs. Mage (giant) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/gPXVZohvwzVLB3WbYBtXDR

Game 3 vs. Rogue (tempo) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/kuUe4aSDUVb7MNnuRTDgwR

Mech Hunter.PNG

Episode 221 Zoo Warlock

Zoo Warlock is back. Zoo Warlock is always a deck and Rise of Shadows is no different. Zoo made an appearance at the World Championships this weekend and we are going to try a version for this show.


Game 1 vs. Druid(token) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/xZ8enCpeBkbtgXwNFrQy8W

Game 2 vs. Mage (hand) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/CiaV6qTgudJEhiibAKRAoM

Game 3 vs. Paladin (secret) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/NznpWHXMpdxzU5KckQSayM

Zoo Warlock Shadows.PNG

Episode 220 Token Druid Part 2

This week we try the same deck as last week with the goal of refining Dan’s play. This version of Token druid takes advantage of some new cards to create a steady stream of tokens that can leverage Savage Roar to finish games.


Game 1 vs. Priest (resurrect) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/FYTH4kUUPUYBF5SePGSsRH

Game 2 vs. Rogue (tempo) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/GYPaLmC8MK3TX9Gcs9geKY

Game 3 vs. Paladin (mech) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/DB2jggmQjLLgmFiMiGSwva

Token Druid Shadows.PNG

Episode 219 Token Druid

This week we try the deck that has raised to the top of the meta. This new version of Token druid takes advantage of some new cards to create a steady stream of tokens that can leverage Savage Roar to finish games.


Game 1 vs Mage (Dragon). —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/LBQVDdwzqxDdj2jLCJXeAK

Game 2 vs. Paladin (Secret) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/HKN8FdW9x82NdU2akgKuDd

Game 3 vs. Warlock (Zoo) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/N2UBaAEhT3ewRNafSZ3qbm

Token Druid Shadows.PNG

Episode 218 The End of Rastakhan

To close out the year of the Raven, we play one of the most dominant classes in the game for the last few years, Hunter.


Game 1 vs. Mage (Murloc) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/U33TffkaNCyBxUwyJ74W6D

Game 2 vs. Priest (Cloning) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/Hmh93bS3hHXe57rDb4d6gK

Game 3 vs. Warlock (Control ) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/oTtZ7PhS6bfMPr4yahVHCd


Episode 217 Aggro Paladin

This week we play a deck suggested by long time listener Zer0cruel. Aggro Paladin bring back call to arms and divine favor to draw through the deck and tries to end the game by turn 5-6. Zero believes this is more Dan’s pace.


Match 1 vs. Warrior (rush) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/tqscQiFxU8paq5GoPYXrjk

Match 2 vs. Shaman (totem?) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/vugeRMLVzPqYvfmwpr2aMR

Match 3 vs. Priest (wall) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/sDEUAGzBk9DJAbpwoYnHyb

Match 4. vs. Paladin (control) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/uRronHEuDJKF5mMA6z4MWM

Aggro Paladin 2.PNG

Episode 214 Even Paladin

This week we try a deck that has come and gone from the meta and is Dan’s favorite class. Even Paladin is a bit slower that our usual pace but it has enough sustain and aggression to outlast opponents.


1st match VS Rogue

2nd match VS Hunter

3rd match VS Priest

Even Paladin.PNG

Episode 213 Wall Priest

This week we try one of the hottest decks in the meta. Wall priest can be really difficult for the opponent to get through with a lot of taunts and board clears. If that wasn’t enough, it has the ability to kill out of nowhere with the use of the divine spirit / topsy turvy or inner fire combo.


Game 1 vs. Paladin (odd) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/ojo8VvPYd42yRHoihwW7xj

Game 2 vs. Druid (weird) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/ushNt4Xvnk4xtxKwN6Z4X2

Game 3 vs. Druid (Hadronox) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/U7H9uATgWxfijqGTxMWdaU

Wall Priest.PNG

Episode 212 Odd Secret Mage

This week we try a deck I’ve wanted to play on the show for a while. Secret Odd Mage splashed into the scene after the nerfs and it is a pretty effective aggressive deck.

Secret Odd Mage.PNG

Episode 210 Even Hunter

This week we play an original creation from Dan. The deck is far from optimized, but it is unique enough that we give take it out for a spin.

Match 1 vs. Paladin (odd) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/VSnjyXS7NmRex3MwKx5oVF

Match 2 vs. Hunter (deathrattle) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/SpbsR4Z39TENE4j8i7NxrX

Match 3 vs. Paladin (odd) —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/NAzjH78b26syfWhT6z3bKX


Even Hunter.PNG

Episode 208 4th Year Anniversary!

We made it to 4 consecutive years of podcasting. That is 208 weeks in a row! We are joined this week by long time friend of the show and fellow podcaster and caster Cora.


Match 1 vs. Priest —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/QdT2tLuDDFwRmWxvoXTmck

Match 2 vs. Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/t8DasJYHCKH6azvvfhGjSR

Match 3 vs. Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/PsJ48ERJpaqWPrY4SVqDEf

Resurrect OTK Priest.PNG

Episode 206 OTK DK Paladin

This week Dan decides to add to the “problem” he’s been lamenting about and decides to join the OTK Paladin.


Game 1 vs. Priest —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/fPznsipni6uqpBMxtcjkj2

Game 2 vs. Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/6zHNsaAhRMiaCRL6Xc7rsS

Game 3 vs. Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/bCB58h52Gy8KTe2c9TTEXe

OTK DK Paladin.PNG

Episode 205 Warlock Zoo

Can an old staple be the deck that gets Dan out of his woes? Warlock Zoo is a deck that has survived every meta and this egg version comes to us from Dog.


Game 1 vs Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/YLP8Gf3oWgCCbTR2YZHuEh

Game 2 vs Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/Fv6RecrzxHaqyQAn9BWQC8

Game 3 vs. Druid —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/jUX3hmXYNLS4K2QdpSCYKk

Game 4 vs. Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/oMTmqMvYKY3gQ7Vb5WCX9Q

Warlock Zoo Rumble.PNG

Episode 204 Odd Quest Warrior

This week we try a classic deck that seems to have a decent spot in the meta and it features a couple of new cards from the expansion.


Game 1 vs. Hunter —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/hPsL8fuPRQCsmdWQ3xDonJ

Game 2 vs. Priest —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/HiJdhw56b2Ys88vyEF5Bvf

Game 3 vs. Warlock —> https://hsreplay.net/replay/AykCiPPfqezLYmqpX2xBkh

Odd Quest Warrior.PNG