papabear96#1138 (Joshua)

For our 21st entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Papabear. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 

Ive been playing since just after the release of The Grand Tournament and over the last several months of listening to this podcast I had started to hit rank 5 consistantly but never made the real push into legend because I never had time to try. Having a little more free time I was able to push all the way up to rank 1 with Pirate warrior before I hit a wall and couldn’t seem to gain any stars. I decided to try an aggro shaman deck to mix things up, but promptly fell all the way back to rank 4. With only a few days left in the season I almost decided to call it quits, but both Dan and Frid have talked about tumbling several ranks before and continuing to climb, so I did too. After several hours of grinding I was finally able to get myself over the line on the second boss battle. Thank you both for the wonderful deck knowledge and encouragement, you make a wonderful show!


ALX#22898 (Alex)

For our 20th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Alex from Germany. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 


My Name is Alex (ALX#22898 on the EU-Server) from Germany. This is my Story:

So at the last day of the Oktober Season I made it to legend for the very first time! I always tried that with my favorite deck "Midrange Paladin" but could not make the final push (Rank 2 was my best so far). As you can see, I finally got it done in WILD with the most consistent deck from standard, mixed with some N`Zoth flavour (Midrange N`Zoth Shaman). The cool Thing with this Deck was, even when every Opponent used their boardclear to swipe the Totem-Army, the N`Zoth-Army showed up. 

I want to give a big shout-out to "RBSMFOREVER" on the EU-Server, who is sitting an Rank 1 Legend in WILD at this moment. He inspired me with the Idea of combining Midrange-Shaman with N´Zoth and it worked damm well for me. 

Greetings again to you Guys! Your Podcast is awesome. Bis dann und macht weiter so!

merf#1216 (Eric P.)

For our 19th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Merf. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 

I have been playing Hearthstone since beta and usually capped out at rank 5-ish but after listening to your show every week for months now and going through all the backlog, I have finally learned enough to reach legend, this month on the 25th! I often feel like Dan, where I feel like my opponents draw the one outer top deck to beat me every game, but this season around rank 3 i buckled down and embraced the face! With face shaman that is =D and was able to beat the final boss on the first try =D I just wanted to say thank you guys for all your great advice, it really helped listening to you guys talk through turns and knowing I’m not the only person who ever gets unlucky haha. I included screenshots for proof! i didn’t know how to make a submission for hall of legends lol but I mostly just wanted to thank you guys. =D May luck be with you on the ladder!

Wark#1258 (Kurt)

For our 18th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Wark. I have been watching him for a while, trying month after month and have the pleasure of watching him beat the final boss.  Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the his story. 

You can't see his name, but I personally saw this happen.

You can't see his name, but I personally saw this happen.

First I want to thank you for your contribution to the Hearthstonecommunity and also directly for your contribution to my development as a hearthstone player.

This past month I was able to hit legend for the first time, on July 31 after playing HS for about 13 months and trying hard for it since last December.  I have played to date about 5000 ranked games.

When I found the podcast on iTunes, I was listening for the fun of it, but quickly found that I made many of the same mistakes and they could be corrected.

The podcast covers all the critical elements of the journey to Legend: from deck selection and changes in meta to turn by turn tactics, psychology, and understanding finite margins that can lead to games won. 

Finally a special thanks to Frid for personally commenting on three things that I needed in order to make the push:
1. Do not violate the HC code- tap first. (Plan out your turn)
2. Click play and go. Learn to live with tilt and play through it.
3. When. You get towards legend the small things make and break games.

FUGS#6776 (Long Ly)

For our 17th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Fugs. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 

My name is Long and I am from Brisbane, Australia.  I have been playing Hearthstone since November 2014 as essentially a free to play player.  I found myself enjoying the game more and more and by the time GvG came around, I bit the bullet and purchased both adventures (Nax and Blackrock) as well as the GvG bundle.  Since that point I have consistently been able to get to Rank 5 each season, however due to time constraints (I have 2 children under 5), I have found it difficult to make a legend push.

I have been a long-time listener of HearthCoach since episode 1, and I have really enjoyed the podcasting style and structure of HearthCoach.  The way the games are commentated along with the subtle lessons and tips that are given during each episode have made me a better player.  Lessons that I have learnt from HearthCoach include:-

  1. Making opponents have the answer
  2. Make sure you always do random effects first (life life tapping as a warlock)
  3. Anticipate what your opponents optimal plays are for the next turn and play accordingly

Three months ago (just before WOG was released), I made my first serious push to legend.  I made it all the way to Rank 2 3 stars, but went on a big losing streak and dropped all the way back to Rank 5.  That was a disheartening experience and I decided to give myself a couple of months before I would try again.

This season I started the season playing a few fun decks without the intention of making a legend push.  By the midway point of the season I had made it to rank 8 and was bouncing up and down.  It was at this point that I decided to try piloting a Dragon Warrior Deck.  I started losing with the deck initially and dropped back to Rank 10, but then things started clicking with the Deck and I pushed all the way up to Rank 5 on a big 10 game win streak.  It was at this point I decided to stick with this deck from Rank 5 through to Legend.  I'm proud to say that last night (26th June 2016), I made it to legend playing exclusively Dragon Warrior from Rank 5 at a 63% win-rate.  

When I made up my mind I was going to make the push, the 4 biggest things that I believe got me there were:-

  1. Looking over replays of games that I lost where I felt I could have won (using deck-tracker)
  2. Sticking to the one deck and really learning the strengths and weaknesses of the deck
  3. When I lost 3 games in a row, I would stop playing and do something else (like an arena run, watching some basketball, playing Overwatch)
  4. Keeping stats and consistently looking over them to find out favourable match-ups

I really wanted to say a big thanks to FRID and Dan for producing such a great Podcast that has helped a person like me (Yes Me!) become Legendary.  I'm sure this Podcast will help many more listeners make it to Legend also!

Zerotio (James)

For our 16th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have our fellow podcaster Zerotio. He is one of the co-hosts of the Hero Power podcast, which we were guests for episode 20, as well as a patron. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 




HearthCoach Fans,
I have been playing Hearthstone since Dec 2013, during early Beta. I have casually ranked up the ladder, getting as high as Rank 2, but I've never had the time to make that big Legend Push.

Well, listening to Frid and Dan of HearthCoach gave me the desire to make that big push. Since Spring Break lands in March, and that gives me a week off work, I decided to make my big push then. I put 8-10 hours of Hearthstone in for 9 days straight! I quickly pushed to Rank 3, but hit a big wall.

The deck I used, Aggro Paladin, proved to be doing the job. However, I kept hitting a wall of counter decks and fatigue, both physical and mental. This task seemed out of reach.

During the entire push, Frid was in my Friend Chat. He kept me positive, suggested strategy changes and pointed out mistakes I missed. He even encouraged me during notable losses against Pro players, like Thijs. Without Frid, I would not have had the confidence or energy to make a last minute push.

With Frid's suggest, during the late evening hours of March 31st, I turned off spectating and marked BattleNet as Busy. This was done to allow me to get hyper focused, in the last hours of the season.

This was the key! I did it! I finally got in a groove and hit Legend! After taking my status off Busy, Frid was one of the first to congratulate me. I could not have done it, without the help of HearthCoach. Thank You!

LouJay#1628 (Jay)

For our 15th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Jay. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

Hi Dan and FRID!  I just got to legend for the first time this past season and wanted to share it with you.  I've been listening to your podcast for 7 months and it's great.  I had reached rank 5 a few times in the past, mainly for the end of month reward, but I hadn't really made the push to legend until now.  Last month I got to rank 5 relatively quickly so I decided to go for legend.  I generally switch decks depending on my daily quest, but that wasn't working to climb further so I eventually settled on the "Chinese Zoolock" you played in a couple of your recent episodes.  I got to legend using that deck, so thanks for showcasing it!

I had some heroic, intense, dramatic, interesting, crazy games along the way, but I only recorded the last two and those were just normal, quick games; but here's a link to them and a screenshot of me finally reaching legend.

I made only two changes to the 2.0 version of the deck you played.  I don't have Gormok so I included a Dark Iron Dwarf instead.  It takes the same mana slot, has the same body and has synergy with Brann too; it doesn't provide as much burst damage but its condition is easier to meet.  This deck generates a lot of tokens though, so I will definitely try Gormok if I get him.

After playing several games with only that change, I did a second one which was more of a personal preference. I replaced the remaining Dire Wolf Alpha with a second Dark Iron Dwarf. The wolf is a good fit for this deck, but I wasn't maximizing its potential due to misplays positioning my own minions or to running out of time trying figure out the proper sequencing of events.  The dwarf's mechanic is easier to use, hence it worked better for my skill level and improved my winning rate.  I used to save Dire Wolf for a turn with more minions to buff than turn 2 anyways, so Iron Dwarf's higher mana cost wasn't that much of an issue for me.  In summary, Dire Wolf is probably better for this deck, but for now I preferred something easier to master.

YellowDart#1212 (Doug)

For our 14th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Doug. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

My name is Doug (YellowDart in the game) and I just wanted to write in and let you know that I appreciate the effort you guys put into your podcast. I hit legend tonight for the first time ever and would certainly credit the podcast in a couple of different ways - the first being the Chinese Zoo decklist you featured (which is what I used 100% from about rank 14 to Legend) and secondly just in the coaching / meta-analysis you guys provide each week. 

I'm from Atlanta and work in corporate finance. I started playing in late June of 2015 after I saw a funny Hearthstone commercial on TV. I got hooked quickly but didn't really want to invest real-life money in the game so I knew it'd be a slow climb to be very good (I'm still f2p and don't have a very complete collection). Shortly after getting started I stumbled upon the podcast and that gave me a feel for what the popular decks were meant to do and how to play them (or against them) which contributed to me getting little better each month even though it felt the decks I was finally able to build would fall out of relevance in the meta as soon I could actually build them. I peaked at Rank 2 in December playing Raptor Rogue, and that was when I really thought I might be able to do it. This month I committed to myself to play 300 games to see if I could make it happen if I just put the time in- knowing that it would likely take a LOT more games in ranked than I had been playing (I still have 0 golden portraits). But I figured if I played 300 games that would allow me to really see where I stood. Thankfully, after a 62% win rate I hit Legend in 210 games. The highlight was a 5 win streak through Rank 1, and the lowlight was definitely losing about 8 of 9 when i first hit Rank 2 that took a long time to recover from. 

The deck was really fun to play - Brann/Enhance-o Mechano makes some crazy things happen, I got some double Gormoks to the face, a few triple Power Overwhelming Leeroy's (thanks to Dark Peddler), but my favorite was where I managed a Brann into Reliquary Seeker (for 9/9) and then Enhance-o Mechano to give it Divine Shield/Windfury, this was an instant concede. 

Thanks again for what you guys are doing, keep up the good work. 

Would be great to connect with both of you on the game, my battletag is YellowDart#1212.

GibbonSlayer#2543 (Phillip)

For our 13th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Phillip. He is on the EU server. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

I've been a listener to the podcast since episode 4 or 5 and love it.
You guys actually helped me reach legend a couple of seasons ago with
secret paladin. I made it to legend with secret paladin again last
season, and this season I finished off the climb with tempo mage.

Thought I'd send in a screeny of proof and give you the thanks you
both deserve. Not just for producing a kick-ass podcast, but for
helping me reach legend!

I'm a free-to-play guy with not much time and I only play on my iPhone
6 with a cracked screen. So if I can do it, I know Dan can - come on

andaval (Andre)

For our 12th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Andre. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

I wanted to say thanks for putting out your podcast. i started playing Hearthstone last October and hit legend for the first time this month. I had hit rank 5 in every full month since I started playing, but never really done well past then, my previous high rank was 2. I think your podcast helped me slow down, and consider future lines of play for both me and my opponent. 

I decided to try to rank seriously this month to try to get to legend before the format switch, and settled on secret paladin for a couple reasons: I had played the deck before and it loses so many cards in standard, so it was kind of like a last hurrah. I started ranking late this month and was only at 10 on the 12th. I decided to craft Ragnaros and keep track of games from then on. I went 70-33 overall (67%), with a higher win % as i got more comfortable with the deck (39-14, 73% rank 5 to legend). I didn't play any other deck in ranked and didn't change any cards from the deck during my run, i felt happy with everything in it, Ragnaros especially. 

I was 20-4 vs other Paladins, 15-8 vs Warlocks and 11-7 vs Druids, which were the three most common classes I faced. I played all my games on my phone and tracked them using a Deck Tracker iOS app (which was really handy). It felt like tracking games forced me to reflect on each game a little and consider other lines of play I could have taken, and the little break in between helped keep me off tilt. Ragnaros also keeps you off tilt, because every time a Tempo Mage killed me with perfect RNG, I could remember the times Rag won me a game I should have lost with only a 20% chance to hit face.

blisterguy (Ray)

For our 11th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Ray. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

Hello Hearthcoach! I can't remember when I started listening to your podcast exactly, but after a look back over the archives it might have been around episode 12 or thereabouts. Quite some time ago, anyway. In that time, I've very much enjoyed Dan's journey of self-improvement and discovery (of the face) and FRID's wealth of experience and patience, along with the wide array of guest coaches that have come across the show.

I started playing Hearthstone casually at the end of 2013, but once they released the mobile version, I started playing more regularly. As someone with an extensive background in competitive Magic: The Gathering, but now helping raise a young family, I no longer had time to play Magic, and mobile Hearthstone fitted into my schedule of "playing on the train and in my lunch break" perfectly.

With only limited play time available, I knew that my own personal goal of one day reaching Legend would be a tough one, but not impossible. While I slowly worked on my own play limitations over the last year (limited time, distractions, and playing while walking) hearing you guys talk through your plays every week on the Hearthcoach podcast has also helped me gain a better understanding of the intricacies of the game.

Partially inspired by the Hearthcoach podcast and my desire to again produce content as I once had for Magic: The Gathering, I started my own podcast called "Walk to Work - A Mobile Hearthstone Podcast" where I narrate my own games while walking to work. Like Hearthcoach, this is to help me improve my own play through dialogue and introspection. The episodes are only around 15 minutes long and I usually release 2-3 a week, so if you like Hearthcoach, consider checking it out.

Initially, I wrote February off as a month in where the Legend climb would be impossible. It was a short month, and I was going to spend 10 days of it in New Zealand for the wedding of one of my closest friends. I set a personal goal of getting at least to Rank 5 before flying out on the 12th, and despite making little to no progress in the first 3 days, somehow made to Rank 5 with days to spare. I played Zoo to Rank 10 and Midrange Hunter to Rank 5.

Once in New Zealand, I found I had some time in the evenings to sneak in a few more games, but also found that Midrange Hunter was starting to struggle. I tried Murloc Paladin for a few games, but eventually settled on the Hyrbid Hunter list Orange used to win Dreamhack Leipzig 2016. Hybrid Hunter somehow carried me well into Rank 3 with an impressive 14-2 win streak across our holiday.

I arrived back in Australia on the 22nd but thanks to a very early flight, I was so exhausted I only managed 3-3 that day. The day after though, I was back on the horse, and hit Rank 2, and the day after that I hit Rank 1. Leaving work on the 24th, I was Rank 1, 1 star, and won 4 straight that evening meet my first Final Boss.

The first Final Boss was not kind, but I faced my second not long after, and they were even less kind. I finished the evening back on Rank 1, 1 star. As I regrouped the following morning, FRID offered some words of encouragement in game and on Twitter. I gave my deck choice some consideration and concluded that Hybrid's Freezing Traps had thawed out considerably. Over my lunch break I toyed with Zoo again, but only went 3-3. I then tried Midrange Hunter, but only managed 2-3 with that, so I felt stuck.

As I got back to work for the afternoon, I listened to FRID and Dan play Zoo in the latest episode of Hearthcoach and was inspired to give it another go, adjusting my list to be closer to theirs (-1 Gormok the Impaler, +1 Sea Giant, as the Giants were crushing the mirror). That evening, I went 5-0 with Zoo to finally get Legend for the first time, thanks to Hearthcoach, and especially FRID's friendship and support!

Szerro (Adam)

For our 10th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Adam. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

Hey hearthcoach! My name is adam and im a long time listener of about 6 months possibly longer and i recently hit legend this past October  with my homebrew of a paladin zoo list. Hearthcoach is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to every week because i dont get to play much hearthstone and when im on streaks where im playing alot it allows me to stay sharp by playing some mental games of hearthstone. Anyway id like to say thanks for providing some good entertainment and practice time while im at work. Thanks all!

reinaldor (Rey)

For our 9th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have a very special entry, Rey. He is a personal friend of FRID and we are honored to have him featured here. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

Hi my name is Rey and I’m 37 years old and live in Atlanta, GA.  I’ve being playing games for most of my life.  I’m a huge fan of all of the Final Fantasy games and the Dungeons and Dragons games like the Baldur’s Gate series.  So you may ask how did I started playing Hearthstone?  Well a good friend of mine invited me to a Fireside Gathering at his place.  It just happens that his name is FRID.  Yes, FRID and I go way back.  We’ve been very good friends since we were in elementary school.  I was very intrigued at the Hearthstone mechanics and the fact that it was a card game.  At the beginning I took it very casual and only did the daily quests to try to build my collection.  Honestly I thought that the game involved having the right cards and having luck on your side more than anything else.  FRID kept telling me that luck was part of the game but also that skill played a very important role.  I then stared taking the game more seriously and tried to climb the ladder.  The closest I ever got was at the peak of Face Hunter were I got to rank 5 before Starving Buzzard was nerfed.  I could never get past all of the Control Warriors.  If I didn’t win before turn 6 it was game over.  I then played Ramp Druid and Zoolock.  I was able to get to Rank 3-5 every season but never past that.  Needless to say, I got very frustrated and tilt was a very big problem for me.  I would blame everything… I’m never lucky…  My opponent’s got all the answers…  Look at my opponent’s curve and look at my hand…  Luckily, listening to your show (and having FRID as a friend) help me realize that every turn counts and figuring out the best play can chang what it seemed like a sure defeat into a rewarding victory. 

This past November season I finally broke through Rank 2 and made Legend.  I played a combination of Secret Paladin and aggro Druid.  In the end I strictly played aggro Druid in Ranks 3 through Legend.  To all of you out there still trying, don’t give up.  I almost did on more than one occasion.  It can be done.  Thanks to FRID and Dan for making such a good show and keep up the good work.

Fiorell#2989 (Oli)

For our 8th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Oli. He is one of our German listeners and we are honored to have him featured here. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

My Name is Oli, I am 23 years old and live in Germany. I enjoy many kinds of strategic games, including Chess, all kinds of RTS(especially Warcraft 3 and Starcraft) and Heroes-of-Might-and-Magic-kind of Games. I also enjoy playing MTG casually, which i do with friends for about 10 years now. All this inevitably got me into Hearthstone.  Since closed beta, I occasionally threw in a few matches once in a while, but it really got me after the release for Android tablets. In the season of November,2015, I decided to finally go for that Legend-Cardback, and I got it at 11/24/15!

I decided to go with a facehunter because I love decks which are clearly structured and build around one win condition, and with "dealing damage to your opponent" being THE win condition, I wanted to play this deck. I got stuck around rank 4-3 for a while due to the presence of so many Reno-Jackson-Warlocks (they seem to ALWAYS have Reno at 6 mana), but luckily got through them. From the middle of rank3 to legend, I did not lose more than four matches. Had to really learn that deck (and it is not quite as skill-less as i thought), and your podcast helped me very much with it, thank you! 

Your Podcast is one of my favourite Podcasts I listen to, and definitely the best Hearthstone Podcast out there, so please keep up the good work! 

jsalomone (James)

For our 7th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have James. Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your achievement. His story is below.

I am a 37 year old, former MTG player.  Started playing Hearthstone with the release for iPhone very casually, decided to spend a few bucks when the rewards for laddering levels were announced by Blizzard, made Rank 5 my first month playing on the ladder and quit playing after reaching Rank 5 (September).  In October I made it to rank 5 very quickly using Circle Control Priest and decided that I would try my hand at playing the higher ranks.  I bounced around from Rank 2-5 using a variety of decks (aggro druid, face hunter, dragon priest) and experienced a ton of irrational ladder anxiety, constantly switching decks after every single loss, unable to sit and play for more than a few games because I was scared to lose a meaningless ranking in a children's card game before deciding to play midrange version of Secret Paladin.  I went on a win streak from Rank 4 full stars all the way to Legend without dropping a single game, obviously a ton of luck was involved, but I also felt like I played reasonably well during the run and I learned a ton about the deck during the games.  I do feel sort of cheated that I didn't get to experience getting beat by a final boss before finally making legend, but I will take it.

I listen to your show weekly on my drive to work, and it really helped my game out.  Especially with the technical things very early on such as always life tapping first as a warlock or armoring up after a weapon swing with warrior.  I enjoy listening to you describe the board state and it is interesting listening to the different lines of play that come up between Dan and Frid and deciding which one I think is best, or occasionally coming up with my own that I think is even better. Thank you for making an enjoyable podcast and keep up the good work.

manji#1390 (Jermie)

For our 6th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Jermie. Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your achievement. His story is below.

I am a 36 year old poker player from Ohio that recently came back to Hearthstone. I played for a month or two right before the release of Nax but got busy with other life stuff. I'm married and have a 9 year old daughter so my free time can be limited. I saw ads for the Grand Tournament expansion and decided I would jump back into it. I had never tried to climb ladder before, most of the time I had invested in the game was learning arena so I could expand my collection. I am very familiar with competitive games. I have competitive experience with Magic, poker, backgammon, and gin and various fighting video games, mostly Street fighter and Marvel vs Capcom. 

In September I started playing ranked and listening to various podcasts and reading strategy on redit and other websites. I really enjoyed the format of your podcast because it allows you to play along in your mind and think about the plays you would make and compare and contrast to Frids advice. I found it very enjoyable and helpful to my learning process. I played a few different decks last month, mostly mech mage, face hunter, and secret pally. I made it to rank 7 and was pretty happy with that for my first attempt. For October I decided to really put on the try hard hat and started thinking hard about the meta and how I could beat it. I played aggro druid from bottom ranks up to rank10, secret pally (my own very mid range brew only running a total of 4 secrets) from rank 10 to rank 1 5 stars, then lost to my final boss and then just couldn't seem to win a game. I fell all the way to rank 4 and then decided to re evaluate. I decided that I would play my favorite class mage and try to tune a deck for the meta. My deck was heavily influenced by watching Hotform in the Americas qualifiers.The deck performed well and I think I also piloted it quite well and made it trough. I did lose to one more final boss but then the third time was a charm and I hit legend for the first time in the October 2015 season. 

Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys do for the community. I have found that your show has made many of my long car drives seem very short, heck I have even sat in my car in the garage just to finish listening to an episode.

WombRaider69 (Daniel)

For our 5th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Daniel. I actually ran into him in game and he added me. It so happens that he is a fan of the show and reached legend. Below is his story. Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your achievement. 


i! My name is Daniel from Sydney, Australia. I've been playing Hearthstone since May this year, after the complete release of BRM. After getting to rank 4 in my first season playing ladder using a combination of mechmage and handlock I realised I could make a push for legend. However, I had a lot setbacks for the next couple of seasons, with some agonizingly close climbs to Rank 1 five stars, culminating in 5 successive losses at the final boss in the August season with the release of TGT. Throughout my time playing I've been listening to the Heartcoach Podcast to get a handle on the thought processes of a legend player. Downloading the Podcast and listening to it in the car made otherwise drab long drives to work or university something to look forward to as I played along with Dan and FRID and tried to discern the best plays. As well as helping me think about turns better the podcast has helped me become more aware of the meta and lists of decks I didn't have much experience playing. Anyway, thanks to the podcast as well as the encouragement from friends I've made in-game I was finally able to reach my 5 month-long goal on the 23rd of September using a standard Midrange Secret Paladin list. After using almost exclusively the same Midrange Paladin I fell from rank 2 to 6 and decided (mostly in a tilt-induced state) that it was time to switch it up and trying something different. I've recommended the podcast to friends who have aspirations of reaching legend for the first time as well and would like to thank Dan and FRID for providing both an entertaining and helpful podcast!

Varthros (Kenny from Coin Concede)

Our 4th entry into the Hall of Legends is fellow podcaster Kenny from Coin Concede. He actually used Cora's secret paladin, which we featured in Episode 35.

Here's a brief message he sent us, along with proof. Congratulations and thanks for listening!

I just wanted to share with you guys that I reached legend for the first time! I was playing a Mid-range Secret Paladin for the majority of this month. Thanks for being a part of my learning, and for helping me indirectly getting to legend! Keep up the good work!

Darkcorpse#1558 (Shane)

For our third entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Darkcorpse. Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for sharing with the HearthCoach community! Below is the email with the story he sent and some screenshots. Bonus points for achieving it against Grim Patron Warrior.

Hello! My name is Shane, I am from Arkansas and have been playing Hearthstone since Beta. I have over 20 years of PC Gaming experience with all genre's of games.  I have been nationally ranked in both Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, World of Warcraft during the Lich King Expansion, and Diamond last season on League of Legends.

After listening to your podcast, and hearing Dan’s story I have been inspired to achieve my dream of LEGEND on Hearthstone! I have studied FRID’s plays, listened to every podcast (twice) and watched all the video podcasts and thanks to you both, have done it! I can now add Hearthstone Legend to my Trophy rack. I just wanted to say thank you both so much! Without you guys I am not sure I could have achieved this. I was stuck at rank 5 for months and with your help I have pushed past the bump! Good luck to you both during the Argent Tournament! And to FRID, you should totally add me to your Friends list! (Darkcorpse#1558) Note: I already added him -FRID.  As to all the other listeners reading this, Buckle down… GRIND GRIND GRIND! And keep your head up! Don’t give up! Rank 5-1 is the most difficult but you can power through it! Dan and FRID give some good advice! Listen to them, learn from them and you too will be overjoyed as your type out your submission to the hall of legends!


For our second entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Wumpus. Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for sharing with the HearthCoach community! Below is the email with the story he sent and some screenshots.

Hey guys, I achieved legend rank for the first time this month. I started listening to your podcast last month.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

But in all seriousness, I did learn something that helped me achieve legend from the show, the amount of games you have to put in. 

I buckled down and grinded, and grinded, and grinded, and grinded. I even encountered the mighty FRID in my climb around rank 5. I tried friending after I lost, but it wasn't accepted (can't blame you with all the BM after games from some people). EDIT: I did accept the invite and he is in my friends list. -FRID  I was able to finally break through with a marathon session of Ranked. I don't think I'll ever put in the effort again, because holy crap that's a lot of work, but it was great to achieve legend. 

Thanks to both of you for taking time to make a great podcast and for helping people accomplish their goals.

Thanks for making me get 2 more wins too FRID :P

Good luck to you Dan. I believe if you can get to 5, you can get to legend. It's just a matter of time.