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WombRaider69 (Daniel)

For our 5th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Daniel. I actually ran into him in game and he added me. It so happens that he is a fan of the show and reached legend. Below is his story. Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your achievement. 


i! My name is Daniel from Sydney, Australia. I've been playing Hearthstone since May this year, after the complete release of BRM. After getting to rank 4 in my first season playing ladder using a combination of mechmage and handlock I realised I could make a push for legend. However, I had a lot setbacks for the next couple of seasons, with some agonizingly close climbs to Rank 1 five stars, culminating in 5 successive losses at the final boss in the August season with the release of TGT. Throughout my time playing I've been listening to the Heartcoach Podcast to get a handle on the thought processes of a legend player. Downloading the Podcast and listening to it in the car made otherwise drab long drives to work or university something to look forward to as I played along with Dan and FRID and tried to discern the best plays. As well as helping me think about turns better the podcast has helped me become more aware of the meta and lists of decks I didn't have much experience playing. Anyway, thanks to the podcast as well as the encouragement from friends I've made in-game I was finally able to reach my 5 month-long goal on the 23rd of September using a standard Midrange Secret Paladin list. After using almost exclusively the same Midrange Paladin I fell from rank 2 to 6 and decided (mostly in a tilt-induced state) that it was time to switch it up and trying something different. I've recommended the podcast to friends who have aspirations of reaching legend for the first time as well and would like to thank Dan and FRID for providing both an entertaining and helpful podcast!