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jsalomone (James)

For our 7th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have James. Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your achievement. His story is below.

I am a 37 year old, former MTG player.  Started playing Hearthstone with the release for iPhone very casually, decided to spend a few bucks when the rewards for laddering levels were announced by Blizzard, made Rank 5 my first month playing on the ladder and quit playing after reaching Rank 5 (September).  In October I made it to rank 5 very quickly using Circle Control Priest and decided that I would try my hand at playing the higher ranks.  I bounced around from Rank 2-5 using a variety of decks (aggro druid, face hunter, dragon priest) and experienced a ton of irrational ladder anxiety, constantly switching decks after every single loss, unable to sit and play for more than a few games because I was scared to lose a meaningless ranking in a children's card game before deciding to play midrange version of Secret Paladin.  I went on a win streak from Rank 4 full stars all the way to Legend without dropping a single game, obviously a ton of luck was involved, but I also felt like I played reasonably well during the run and I learned a ton about the deck during the games.  I do feel sort of cheated that I didn't get to experience getting beat by a final boss before finally making legend, but I will take it.

I listen to your show weekly on my drive to work, and it really helped my game out.  Especially with the technical things very early on such as always life tapping first as a warlock or armoring up after a weapon swing with warrior.  I enjoy listening to you describe the board state and it is interesting listening to the different lines of play that come up between Dan and Frid and deciding which one I think is best, or occasionally coming up with my own that I think is even better. Thank you for making an enjoyable podcast and keep up the good work.