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KNIGHT#1163 (Dustin Landin)

In this new section of the website, we want to highlight listeners that have achieved the Legend rank and share the story of their journey. If you have a story to share, please submit it to hearthcoachpodcast@gmail.com. 

For our first entry into the Hall of Legends, we bring you Dustin. Below is the story he submitted.

Over the years I've played many types of games leading into Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft; the earliest being Chess followed by many years of various TCGs.  The most recent of these has been Magic The Gathering, which is of course, is the greatest foundation of Hearthstone.  It was early May 2014 that a friend of mine showed me the game after I had heard quite a bit about it but had no interest prior to because of my lack in interest of the game that it was based on, World of Warcraft.  My friend noticed similarities in the card games since I had been teaching him MTG in the preceding months and felt that I, being a competitive player in the game, would find Hearthstone a worthy challenge and less weight on my wallet.  

I was hooked almost immediately.  I played arena quite a bit after the tutorial and practice modes. Constructing a deck wasn't so easy until after the release of Naxxramas where I played mostly a Burn Warlock deck and an Inner Fire Priest.  My first crafted legendary may have very well shown my naivety, seeing as I crafted Captain Greenskin to complete my collection of pirates for a Weapon Warrior deck. Even after the release of GvG, I could not get a solid rhythm that would push my decks over level 13 in ranked. I became an avid fan of podcasts in the past two years thanks to gaps of time my store would be empty in the mornings. Whether it be podcasts for MTG, my favorite television shows, video games or even the random weekly shows of miscellaneous comedians, I was in deep. 

In February, I decided to look for a Hearthstone podcast; originally I just wanted something informative of the news on the game. I tried a few, heard a great deal about the competitive scene that was gaining momentum and ultimately wanted to get better at the game for the sake of competition.  So I searched deeper for one that might teach me to ascend my game like I had been taught with Magic the Gathering. I found a podcast that was only on it's second episode with two hosts that would walk me through this process, Hearthcoach. As I listened, I could visualize the matches and make guesses at what my play would be before "Legend" host FRID would explain why exactly I wouldn't want to do that. I found my line of guesses often falling along with exactly what, our other host, Dan would want to try. After work that day, I crafted a few missing rares and assembled the Zoolock deck of episode two. After several mistakes that lost me the game, I listened to the episode 2 more times and focused on what I really needed to do with the deck in terms of trades, set-ups, when to hero power and using my mana efficiently. My win rate was improving and for the next weeks I kept a pattern of learning and playing the decks that I would hear about on each episode. 

It wasn't till mid April when I stormed up the ladder higher than I'd been before to rank 8. I thought it appropriate at this point to thank my two favorite hosts with a 5-star review and an e-mail stating everything I felt about the show.  In that month, I used a similar version of FRID's Combo Druid from the Pinnacle 4 tournament to climb up the ladder. After the e-mail, the streak never slowed. The ranks merely became a countdown as I tore thru to Rank 2. The Druid deck lost a lot of thunder in the last few days to the new Blackrock Mountain cards and the over abundance of Face Hunter with Quick Shot. With about 3 days left, I knew I had to make something to fight through the better players and prove myself one of them. I took a newly acquired card in Flamewaker and crafted a Pyroblast as I put together a vicious and reckless burn in Tempo Mage with Frost Lance, Unstable Portals and an Ice Block for good measure. The stars went up and down quite a bit as I used every bit of what I had learned until finally, 3 hours before the season closed I burned out my last opponent and rewarded me with a number and card back of a Legend.  I hit the screenshot and posted it as a thank you to my favorite podcast. Thank you again, Dan and FRID, for helping me reach legend rank and I'd like to extend my hand and Battle.net tag (KNiGHT#1163) for anyone in our Hearthcoach Community looking for playtest and work together to bring more of us up to Legend Rank.