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For our second entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Wumpus. Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for sharing with the HearthCoach community! Below is the email with the story he sent and some screenshots.

Hey guys, I achieved legend rank for the first time this month. I started listening to your podcast last month.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

But in all seriousness, I did learn something that helped me achieve legend from the show, the amount of games you have to put in. 

I buckled down and grinded, and grinded, and grinded, and grinded. I even encountered the mighty FRID in my climb around rank 5. I tried friending after I lost, but it wasn't accepted (can't blame you with all the BM after games from some people). EDIT: I did accept the invite and he is in my friends list. -FRID  I was able to finally break through with a marathon session of Ranked. I don't think I'll ever put in the effort again, because holy crap that's a lot of work, but it was great to achieve legend. 

Thanks to both of you for taking time to make a great podcast and for helping people accomplish their goals.

Thanks for making me get 2 more wins too FRID :P

Good luck to you Dan. I believe if you can get to 5, you can get to legend. It's just a matter of time.