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Darkcorpse#1558 (Shane)

For our third entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Darkcorpse. Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for sharing with the HearthCoach community! Below is the email with the story he sent and some screenshots. Bonus points for achieving it against Grim Patron Warrior.

Hello! My name is Shane, I am from Arkansas and have been playing Hearthstone since Beta. I have over 20 years of PC Gaming experience with all genre's of games.  I have been nationally ranked in both Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, World of Warcraft during the Lich King Expansion, and Diamond last season on League of Legends.

After listening to your podcast, and hearing Dan’s story I have been inspired to achieve my dream of LEGEND on Hearthstone! I have studied FRID’s plays, listened to every podcast (twice) and watched all the video podcasts and thanks to you both, have done it! I can now add Hearthstone Legend to my Trophy rack. I just wanted to say thank you both so much! Without you guys I am not sure I could have achieved this. I was stuck at rank 5 for months and with your help I have pushed past the bump! Good luck to you both during the Argent Tournament! And to FRID, you should totally add me to your Friends list! (Darkcorpse#1558) Note: I already added him -FRID.  As to all the other listeners reading this, Buckle down… GRIND GRIND GRIND! And keep your head up! Don’t give up! Rank 5-1 is the most difficult but you can power through it! Dan and FRID give some good advice! Listen to them, learn from them and you too will be overjoyed as your type out your submission to the hall of legends!