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reinaldor (Rey)

For our 9th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have a very special entry, Rey. He is a personal friend of FRID and we are honored to have him featured here. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

Hi my name is Rey and I’m 37 years old and live in Atlanta, GA.  I’ve being playing games for most of my life.  I’m a huge fan of all of the Final Fantasy games and the Dungeons and Dragons games like the Baldur’s Gate series.  So you may ask how did I started playing Hearthstone?  Well a good friend of mine invited me to a Fireside Gathering at his place.  It just happens that his name is FRID.  Yes, FRID and I go way back.  We’ve been very good friends since we were in elementary school.  I was very intrigued at the Hearthstone mechanics and the fact that it was a card game.  At the beginning I took it very casual and only did the daily quests to try to build my collection.  Honestly I thought that the game involved having the right cards and having luck on your side more than anything else.  FRID kept telling me that luck was part of the game but also that skill played a very important role.  I then stared taking the game more seriously and tried to climb the ladder.  The closest I ever got was at the peak of Face Hunter were I got to rank 5 before Starving Buzzard was nerfed.  I could never get past all of the Control Warriors.  If I didn’t win before turn 6 it was game over.  I then played Ramp Druid and Zoolock.  I was able to get to Rank 3-5 every season but never past that.  Needless to say, I got very frustrated and tilt was a very big problem for me.  I would blame everything… I’m never lucky…  My opponent’s got all the answers…  Look at my opponent’s curve and look at my hand…  Luckily, listening to your show (and having FRID as a friend) help me realize that every turn counts and figuring out the best play can chang what it seemed like a sure defeat into a rewarding victory. 

This past November season I finally broke through Rank 2 and made Legend.  I played a combination of Secret Paladin and aggro Druid.  In the end I strictly played aggro Druid in Ranks 3 through Legend.  To all of you out there still trying, don’t give up.  I almost did on more than one occasion.  It can be done.  Thanks to FRID and Dan for making such a good show and keep up the good work.