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GibbonSlayer#2543 (Phillip)

For our 13th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Phillip. He is on the EU server. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

I've been a listener to the podcast since episode 4 or 5 and love it.
You guys actually helped me reach legend a couple of seasons ago with
secret paladin. I made it to legend with secret paladin again last
season, and this season I finished off the climb with tempo mage.

Thought I'd send in a screeny of proof and give you the thanks you
both deserve. Not just for producing a kick-ass podcast, but for
helping me reach legend!

I'm a free-to-play guy with not much time and I only play on my iPhone
6 with a cracked screen. So if I can do it, I know Dan can - come on