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andaval (Andre)

For our 12th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Andre. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

I wanted to say thanks for putting out your podcast. i started playing Hearthstone last October and hit legend for the first time this month. I had hit rank 5 in every full month since I started playing, but never really done well past then, my previous high rank was 2. I think your podcast helped me slow down, and consider future lines of play for both me and my opponent. 

I decided to try to rank seriously this month to try to get to legend before the format switch, and settled on secret paladin for a couple reasons: I had played the deck before and it loses so many cards in standard, so it was kind of like a last hurrah. I started ranking late this month and was only at 10 on the 12th. I decided to craft Ragnaros and keep track of games from then on. I went 70-33 overall (67%), with a higher win % as i got more comfortable with the deck (39-14, 73% rank 5 to legend). I didn't play any other deck in ranked and didn't change any cards from the deck during my run, i felt happy with everything in it, Ragnaros especially. 

I was 20-4 vs other Paladins, 15-8 vs Warlocks and 11-7 vs Druids, which were the three most common classes I faced. I played all my games on my phone and tracked them using a Deck Tracker iOS app (which was really handy). It felt like tracking games forced me to reflect on each game a little and consider other lines of play I could have taken, and the little break in between helped keep me off tilt. Ragnaros also keeps you off tilt, because every time a Tempo Mage killed me with perfect RNG, I could remember the times Rag won me a game I should have lost with only a 20% chance to hit face.