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YellowDart#1212 (Doug)

For our 14th entry to the Hall of Legends, we have Doug. Below is the story he sent in. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for listening.

My name is Doug (YellowDart in the game) and I just wanted to write in and let you know that I appreciate the effort you guys put into your podcast. I hit legend tonight for the first time ever and would certainly credit the podcast in a couple of different ways - the first being the Chinese Zoo decklist you featured (which is what I used 100% from about rank 14 to Legend) and secondly just in the coaching / meta-analysis you guys provide each week. 

I'm from Atlanta and work in corporate finance. I started playing in late June of 2015 after I saw a funny Hearthstone commercial on TV. I got hooked quickly but didn't really want to invest real-life money in the game so I knew it'd be a slow climb to be very good (I'm still f2p and don't have a very complete collection). Shortly after getting started I stumbled upon the podcast and that gave me a feel for what the popular decks were meant to do and how to play them (or against them) which contributed to me getting little better each month even though it felt the decks I was finally able to build would fall out of relevance in the meta as soon I could actually build them. I peaked at Rank 2 in December playing Raptor Rogue, and that was when I really thought I might be able to do it. This month I committed to myself to play 300 games to see if I could make it happen if I just put the time in- knowing that it would likely take a LOT more games in ranked than I had been playing (I still have 0 golden portraits). But I figured if I played 300 games that would allow me to really see where I stood. Thankfully, after a 62% win rate I hit Legend in 210 games. The highlight was a 5 win streak through Rank 1, and the lowlight was definitely losing about 8 of 9 when i first hit Rank 2 that took a long time to recover from. 

The deck was really fun to play - Brann/Enhance-o Mechano makes some crazy things happen, I got some double Gormoks to the face, a few triple Power Overwhelming Leeroy's (thanks to Dark Peddler), but my favorite was where I managed a Brann into Reliquary Seeker (for 9/9) and then Enhance-o Mechano to give it Divine Shield/Windfury, this was an instant concede. 

Thanks again for what you guys are doing, keep up the good work. 

Would be great to connect with both of you on the game, my battletag is YellowDart#1212.