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Rod Johnston

For our 32nd entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Rod. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 


Hi Dan, Hi Frid, Frid and Dan are entertaining, informative, and just good dudes.  Their showing that improvement and a positive attitude makes anything possible helped keep me going toward legend.  Plus Frid's reasoning on plays helped make me a better player.  They are also both prime examples of the proper way to do a podcast, and I've carried these lessons into my own Hearthstone podcast, Tier 5: A Hearthstone Podcast.
I hit legend in August, hitting rank 5 by the 10th.  I struggled up and down the rank 5 meta for the rest of the month, and on the 27th I made my real push.  I stuck to a tight Jade Druid list from Appa (formerly of Coin Concede), and even got him to coach me for a few hours.
I sat down on the 31st at rank 2 5 stars and proceeded to win 6 games in a row, cruising right into legend. 
Keep up the great work boys, you're an inspiration to us all!
(and come listen to Tier 5, we're a lot of fun too!)