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some70sguy (Louis)

For our 31st entry into the Hall of Legends, we have some70sguy. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 



Hail and well met! My name is Louis and wanted to submit my entry for the Hall of Legends. I hit legend back in August 30, 2017 (aka druid-stone). I started playing hearthstone after The Grand Tournament launched. During the secret pally meta. I was free to play at the time so I played lots of zoo because it was cheap to build and fun to play. I played pretty casually until whispers of the old gods came out. I preordered the 50 card pack bundle and then I was hooked! I love playing meme and fun decks that I build. So I never took ladder super seriously. I would make it to 10 every season then would just mess around until the next season started. Well after the update that included rank floors, I decided that I would actually try and hit legend.. I finally hit legend on August 30th 2017 using aggro token druid. After grinding out and reaching final boss, it was token Druid vs quest Mage! Ez match up! Well I was running double Crazed Alchemist for crypt lord burst damage and a doomsayer killer. Well that game I didn't draw either of them. Had my board wiped with them on 6 health and ice block active.
So I spend the next 6 turns hero powering them for down. I finally broke though the block. They didn't have the second one. With my hand shaking with joy. I smashed his face in for the wild and scored that sick nasty card back <3 I am a pretty new listener to the podcast. I have been listening to the podcast since the launch of mean streets. I love the show and appreciate all the fun decks you guys play also! Thanks for all you two do and for helping me hit legend!