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TehClape (Christoph)

For our 33rd entry into the Hall of Legends, we have TehClape. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 


as you saw on Twitter I made it to legend (the nick is "Clape").
I always liked HS as a good game because I played World of Warcraft for a long time. Because of my job I had the chance to meet the producers and directors of the Blizzard games in the past quite a few times always admiring their way of thinking and doing their job more dedicated than most of other studios.
As you can see in the signature, I work at GameStar which is germany´s biggest PC Gaming Website. For over 3 years I hosted a video show about WoW that always went "on air" when they did their maintenance, so we called it "server down show".
In my summer holiday this year I wanted to play some of the games that stacked up on my desk. There were all kinds of PS4 and PC Games that I didn´t play ´cause I have a wife, two kids and a cat :-)
Somehow I wanted to revisit HS that I haven´t played for over a year. So I went for a run and got the first podcast on my Iphone that I found and obviously it was Hearthcoach. I don´t know why, but I got so involved in the whole meta and your way of talking about the game and all of its pros and cons that in a strange way often compare to life itself. I remember Dan talking about the pressure and creeps it gives him, only thinking about loosing stars if you are close to legend or R5 or just your personal goal. So I listened to all of your shows and really liked each and everyone of them. Funny thing is, that my first episode was with blisterguy about the midrange hunter, that I played at this time. So I followed him too and also some other guys like Coin Concede and such. Walk to work HS is so great!
Secretly it always was my goal to get to Legend but I never thought, that I could really manage it. It really feels very good now although this is "only" a game, but I have to say that: getting there was hard work and I had to change the way I play and the way I react to loosing games and to not be angry or disappointed but always get back up and crank out the next try. So even this is "only" a game it´s just a mirror for yourself in so many ways. Like Ridiculous Hat said in an episode about the mulligan: You need to know what you want to know what you mulligan for, but that´s not Hearthstone, that´s life :-)
So that´s it guys. Keep the engine goin´. All you do is awesome and I´d love to get a place in the Hearthcoach Hall of Legend. Best wishes for you Dan with all the flood stuff and everything. And Frid: your way of talking and explaining things is really good and makes people calm down :-) As a videoproducer I can definitely assure you that you got what it takes!
And as a last point: I am responsible for the video content on our website. Maybe - someday - in the future - we could manage a stream or some cool stuff together. No need, no pressure, just for the fun of it.
The screens are on Twitter, but I´ll attach them to this mail.

Hope my english is good read :-) Just a little bit out of practice!