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j1d1#1442 (Jacob)

For our 26th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have j1d1. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 


I've been listening to the podcast since some point in 2015.  Yours was the first Hearthstone podcast that really connected with me.  I still really enjoy listening.  A lot of my friends on the in-game friends list are from the battletag exchange.

Technically I could have joined the Hall of Legends in August of 2016 when I made legend in wild.  I played patron warrior at that time to dominate a wild meta full of secret paladins.  I really wanted to make it in standard before sending my entry for the Hall of Legends.  I've now done that.  During the April 2017 season I made it to standard legend.  I played jade rogue to rank 15 before the rotation happened.  I then played hunter and zoo to rank 5.  I then discovered murloc paladin and mostly played variations of murloc pally to legend.  I stalled for a little at rank 3 before going on a pretty insane run of 18-2 to hit legend.  In tracked games I was 96-59.  I probably played another 50-75 untracked games on my phone.  I received a lot of support from the DadLegend discord as well as the #thistimelegend channel in the Velen's Chosen discord.  I can't express enough how much that support helped.

Thanks for all that you guys do.