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HappyHearthstone (Andrew)

For our 28th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Andrew. He's a fellow podcaster from the Happy Hearthstone. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 

What's up guys!

So, this is a long winded story, so I'll probably try to condense it. Feel free to use whichever parts you like! :)

I'm a long time listener. I'm talking episode 20 or so. I've been listening to you guys, trying to soak in every bit of helpful info so that I can get better and better. You guys helped me learn aggro Pally which got me up to rank 10 for the first time. And it's always been so helpful to hear your takes on the latest decks. I've had quite a bit of fun while listening too. :)

I've become a pretty consistent rank 5 player over the past 6-8 months, keeping my eye steady on that orange jewel. I've hit rank 1 a few times, but have always lost immediately to start sinking back... Until this month. I started climbing with a Quest Shaman that was just for fun up to rank 11. Then I started hitting a wall, so it was time for Murloc Paladin to lead the way. I climbed up to rank 3 thanks to your show on that deck, but hit a wall that lasted over 150 games hopping between 3 and 2. I tried a little Guenther Mage after that, and it did eek me up to rank 2 and then 1, but I couldn't shake it. After some soul searching (not really :D ) I finally decided to dig in with Murloc Pally again. I hit a win streak one night and finally made it.

Want to thank you guys deeply for how generous you are with sharing your time and personalities with us. It's always fun listening to you guys, and I have definitely gotten better as a result. Thanks. :)

Hope you're doing well and appreciate all that you do and sacrifice for the community!


The Happy Hearthstone