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Fizziwig (Paul)

For our 44th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Fizziwig. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 

Hearthstone Proof of Legend 2.0.PNG
Hearthstone Proof of Legend!.PNG

Hello Dan and Frid!

I have been a long, long time listener and finally hit legend this month. (See Proof).

You guys have helped me a ton as I consider myself very similar to Dan in playstyle and personality, so his perseverance kept me going.

Obviously Frid's calm wisdom was also a big factor.

I finally hit with DeathRattle Hunter, which I know is like the Top Tier 1 Deck, but it something I have enjoyed playing a long time and the timing of the Nerf's finally pushed me over the edge to legend. I have been playing since the game launched and only once before hit Rank 1, so this is big accomplishment for me and couldn't have done it without you guys.

Thanks Again and keep up the good work.