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ACinJC (Adam)

For our 36th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have ACinJC. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 

Hearthstone Screenshot 03-29-18 19.31.13.png
Hearthstone Screenshot 03-29-18 19.31.30.png

ACinJC (Adam) here and I finally - FINALLY - have made my way to Legend! 

I got through on the evening of March 29 and landed in at Rank 5,360. 

I figured it up... that puts me in the top 0.00765% of all 70 million Hearthstone players. (They can call it "dumpster legend" all they want. I feel awesome! (You can see my immediate reaction in the second screenshot.) 

Since then I've been hanging pretty solidly around 6,000, give or take a few hundred ranks.

Getting there was a combination of a longer month, being able to take the hours and hours on the grind, and putting in several hundred games. I also subscribed to hsreplay for a month, which was a HUGE help.

First step was that last month I managed to get to Rank 7 and was sitting just below the rank floor at reset. 

Thanks to the fix after all the errors at the start of the new ranked latter, I ended up at Rank 9 and a couple stars. From there I started griiiiinding Silver Hand (Dude) Paladin, which got me close to 5. Secrets mage got me over the hump into 5, after which I ran dudes up to Rank 1, three stars - in itself a new record for me!

After that, though, I started to drop again - Rank 2, Rank 3 and one star! I started to panic and began jumping all around - secrets mage, combo priest, spiteful priest, dudes, cubelock, zoolock. 

I began to decide it wasn't going to happen and had resigned myself to starting over on the Rank 5 floor. 

But today, I decided I was going to give it one last try with murloc pally, even though every time before now I had a losing record. 

Somehow, this time, it seemed to actually "click" and that combined with some fortunate matchups put me on a huge 8-0 winning streak! In the space of just a couple hours I went from wallowing at mid Rank 2 to my first time at legend! 

I'm so thankful to you guys for all of the weeks of helpful coaching week after week. You were a huge piece of my puzzle to finally make this goal! 

Now to go play one meme deck after another!