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Savv (Nick)

For our 39th entry into the Hall of Legends, we have Savv. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your achievement. Below is the story he sent us. 

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Hey Guys!

My name is Savv (Nick) and I made legend for the first time this month thanks in large part to your guys' help. I want to give you my sincerest thanks for all the content you provide for the community, it was a huge help to me in improving my play. The best part of your podcast is that it gives me practical experience with decks that I would never have the dust to craft myself. This really helped me get into my opponent's head and understand what they are trying to do against me.

I started playing HS in November of 2017 and started listening to your podcast pretty much right away. I've improved my rank a little bit every season until I finally hit legend on April 23, 2018 while walking home from school. This month it was a pretty smooth climb from rank 7 playing a combination of Keleseth Zoo and a version of Frodan's even paladin list that substituted the sea giants with 1 equality (for all the taunt druid) and 1 dinosize (just for Dan). My final boss was a murloc paladin and it was a pretty crazy back and forth match. I fell behind on board when he divine favored into vinecleaver followed by call to arms and gentle megasaur, but silver sword (my new favorite card) gave me just enough damage to burst him from 20 to 0 while I was sitting at 3 health.

The most helpful advice I could give to those who haven't made legend yet would be: 1) always try and think one turn ahead to anticipate what your opponent is going to do, 2) always check for lethal before trading, and 3) don't focus on your rank, focus on trying to get better. This really helped me control my tilt (which I had a big problem with) and learning how to stay calm even after a mistake or some bad RNG made the final climb much easier.

Thanks again for all your hard work and good luck to everyone out there!