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Episode 178 Even Shaman

This week we take a look at a meta topper Even Shaman. Normally I (Dan) am not in charge of recording, so unfortunately mine and Zerotios levels are a little out of balance. Sorry I'll do better in the future.


Episode 177 Big Taunt Druid

This week we try a deck that I saw Thijs playing that combines the taunt druid with the old ramp druid. It can be weak against aggressive decks with strong starts but it has some of the most swingy turns in the game.


Big Taunt Druid.PNG

Episode 175 Recruit Hunter

This week, we go back to Hunter, which we haven't tried since the release of Witchwood. This Hunter is a recruit based on a version that I saw This playing. Make sure you listen until the end, we steal a Shudderwock,.. shhhhh don't tell anyone.  


Recurit Hunter.PNG

Episode 173 Even Shaman

It's nerf day and we try a deck that many have predicted will be a mainstay in the new meta: Even Shaman. I grabbed an interesting list from hsreplay.net and we gave it a try.

Even Shaman.PNG

Bullet Journal - https://youtu.be/5hLnY9L1c-M

What it's like to have ADHD - https://youtu.be/ji0hg1LduU8

Stuff no one with ADHD says - https://youtu.be/AeC040DqzFk

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Episode 172 Quest Rogue

Something strange happened and FRID crafted two legendary cards to play quest rogue. Dan has been playing this deck and FRID played it for the SHL league this week.


Quest Rogue 2.PNG

Bullet Journal - https://youtu.be/5hLnY9L1c-M

What it's like to have ADHD - https://youtu.be/ji0hg1LduU8

Stuff no one with ADHD says - https://youtu.be/AeC040DqzFk


Episode 171 Spiteful Druid

How To Defeat Depression and Anxiety — A Letter To A Listener In Need by  Matt Bodnar Host of The Science of Success Podcast

This week we try a deck that has been around for a couple of months but continues to have one of the highest win rates in the meta. FRID is not a big fan, but when it works, it needs to be played. It also doesn't have many new cards, nor legendary, so most people can assemble it.


Spiteful Druid.PNG

Episode 165 OTK Paladin

This week we go a different direction and play a more control oriented deck, with a fun end of game win condition. Thijs is at the very top of the ladder with this deck and our friend languagehacker also found some success with it on the ladder.


OTK Paladin.PNG