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Episode 11 FRID's Pinnacle 4 Paladin Deck

Pre-show notes:

The real episode 11 died somewhere in Dan's computer, so if we refer to this as episode 12 during the episode, that is because we are using our original 12 as 11. Sorry about the confusion.

I will be featured in the Happy Heartstone Podcast deck battle for this week (episode 46). I brought a variation of the Mecha-man deck we played during episode 6. Please check it out at:

Thanks to the guys at the Golden Wisp Podcast for the mention during episode 21 of their show, on how they enjoyed the Paladin deck and the Pinnacle 4. Check them out at http://goldenwisp.posthaven.com

Main show:

This week we take FRID's version of the Paladin deck for a spin. In case you missed it, here are a couple of things to check out regarding the deck: