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Episode 65 Malkorok your world with Zerotio!

This week, we are joined by fellow podcaster Zerotio. He is a co-host from the Hero Power podcast. With the set being so new, we try a modified Tempo Warrior featuring the new Legendary Malkorok.

Video episode here --> https://youtu.be/rvKLPZsMu9A

Also, announcing out first quarterly tournament! It will be held on 5/28 @ 1 PM EST. There will be prize money.  Details can be found here --> https://battlefy.com/hearthcoach/patreon-tournament-1/571d1b66fa7fdd8e12f1934d/info

Note: The tournament is password protected because it is open to all Rank 15 and above patrons as of the end of April. There will be a post on the patreon page with the password.  For more info on how to become a patron, please visit http://www.patreon.com/HearthCoach