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Episode 156 our 3rd Anniversary Show with Blizzard's Lead Mission Designer, Dave Kosak

Join us as we celebrate 3 years of weekly shows. We open the show interviewing Blizzards lead mission designer Dave Kosak. Followed up with chats from some of your favorite Hearthstone Podcasters.

Video Link --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71Te5kKVDec

Show lineup

  1. Dave Kosak, Hearthstone's Mission Designer
  2. The entire crew from Hero Power Podcast
  3. Andrew from the Happy Hearthstone Podcast
  4. Team Royal Blue professional Languagehacker
  5. Blisterguy from the Walk to Work Podcast
  6. Cora from Coin Concede and awesome caster
  7. Rod Johnston from Tier5 Podcast
  8. Botticus from Coin Concede Podcast