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Bloodmoon (Patron Tournament 7)

It was bound to happen eventually and we have our first 2 time champion Bloodmoon. He successfully defended his title and here are the decks he used. He also provided us this brief blurb:

"The MVP of the day was definitely DuskBreaker in the Priest in my opinion. The extra 3 dmg aoe really helped with the aggro from the paladins and rogues. I never got to pull the new miracle rogue out and that was probably my funnest deck other than the warlock. Even though the tourney was a smaller this time it was still a blast as usual!"

Congratulations Bloodmoon and good luck defending your title again!


Juevento (Patron Tournament #1)

Congratulations to Juevento for winning the inaugural patron tournament for Spring 2016. Below are relevant links to his decklists, video of the finals and the podcast episode he was featured on.