My opponent played all those minions in one turn. Thanks to Emperors and echoes. Then preceded to fire ball my face off.

Submitted by listener  jaysands


I had a miracle rogue game against a paladin, and the finish was explosive.What you don't see is the Cold Blood coming down on the Leeroy, making it 30 damage.

76 Drew.png

Big Shield Bearer

I don't remember how I got my shield bearer up to a 36/36

Here's my best guess:

2x pws + 1 argus or shattered sun cleric = 1/9
2x divine spirit = 0/36
1 inner fire = 36/36

How it lived that long is the better question.


Holy Cho

Playing tavern brawl of week 4/27. My opponent had two Cho and we keep firing coins back and forth. I ended up wining after he coincide when he was at 10 mana and unable to draw cards from having 10 coins in hand. Submitted by listener Jerad

Bad Monkey

a Reno Control Warrior - and while drawing the golden monkey 3 out of 5 cards in my hand got replaced with Sir Finley Mrrgglton... So I got very little help against the Control Priest who already played his Golden Monkey a few turns back :(