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Bad Monkey

a Reno Control Warrior - and while drawing the golden monkey 3 out of 5 cards in my hand got replaced with Sir Finley Mrrgglton... So I got very little help against the Control Priest who already played his Golden Monkey a few turns back :(

5 KTs OH NO!

1. I cast Ancestral Spirit on KT.
2. Used a Faceless Manipulator on the buffed KT.
3. Cast Reincarnate on one of the buffed KTs. This left me with one buffed KT and two normal KTs.
4. As I hit the end turn button, I watched all three KTs proc their resurrect effect for the KT I killed with Reincarnate. Unfortunately I only had room for five of them. My opponent dropped a couple cards and then shortly thereafter conceded.

Thanks to listener Dan for this submission